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Sabermetrician;   Sabrage;   Safe as Houses;   Safe harbour / Safe haven;   Saggar;   Salad days;   Salmagundi;   Salop;   Salt of the earth;   Sam Hill;   San fairy ann;   Sand;   Sandy-grey russet;   Sapid;   Sapristi Nadgers!;   Sarcophagus;   Sardoodledom;   SARS;   Satisfactory;   Satisficer;   Saturnalia;   Saucered and blowed;   Saved by the bell;   Saviour sibling;   Say (or cry) uncle;   Scacchic;   Scalene;   Scallywag or Scalawag;   School gate mum;   Schooner;   Sciolist;   Scobberlotcher;   Scofflaw;   Scombroid;   Sconce;   Scot free;   Scotch;   Scran;   Screaming ab-dabs;   Screenager;   Screw your courage to a sticking-place;   Scrimshaw;   Scrumping;   Scrumptious;   Scutching;   Scuttlebutt;   Sea change;   Seaborgium;   Seasteading;   See a man about a dog;   See-saw;   Seersucker;   Segue;   Self-quantifying;   Selmelier;   Semordnilap;   Send down;   Send to Coventry;   Sennight;   Sentence-initial conjunctions;   Sentimental;   Sequacious;   Serendipity;   Sesquipedalian;   Set one’s cap at;   Set-top box;   Settle a score;   Seven-year itch;   Sferics;   Shades of Meaning;   Shag;   Shaggy-dog story;   Shake a stick at;   Shank’s mare;   Shanty;   Sharpshooter;   Sha’n’t versus shan’t;   Shellacking;   Shemozzle;   Shenanigan;   Shilling ordinary;   Shindig;   Shirttail relative;   Shit;   Shiver my timbers;   Shock and Awe;   Shoestring;   Shoo-in;   Shoot oneself in the foot;   Shoot one’s cuffs;   Shopdropping;   Short shrift;   Shot;   Shovel-ready;   Shrink;   Shrinking violet;   Shufti;   Shyster;   Siccity;   Sick abed on two chairs;   Sick as a dog;   Sidekick;   Signs for Sums;   Silicon;   Silver bullet;   Simoleon;   Since Hector was a pup;   Singular or plural verb with ‘none’;   Singular they;   Singultient;   Sipe;   Sisyphean;   Sitooterie;   Sitting bodkin;   Six ways from Sunday;   Sixpenny nails;   Sizzle and steak;   Skedaddle;   Skeleton in the closet;   Skell;   Skew-whiff;   Skillygalee;   Skimble-skamble;   Skimmington;   Skinny;   Skint;   Skive;   Skivvies;   Skosh;   Skulduggery;   Skunk works;   Sky-blue pink;   Sky-surfing;   Slang;   Slang: The People’s Poetry;   Slanging match;   Slangwhanger;   Sledging;   Sleep tight;   Sleeping one’s head into train oil;   Sling one’s hook;   Slipshod;   Slow travel;   Slubberdegullion;   Slumgullion;   Smaragdine;   Smart Alec;   Smart as paint;   Smart gun;   Smartbook;   Smarty pants;   Smellfeast;   Smelling of the lamp;   Smithereens;   Smouch;   Snake oil;   Snarge;   Sneap;   Snickersnee;   Snit;   Snob;   Snollygoster;   Snooter;   So dull you could ride to China on them;   So help me Hannah;   Soap opera;   Soapbox;   Sobriquet;   Social jet lag;   Social software;   Sock it to them;   Sockdolager;   Soft sawder;   Softly, softly, catchee monkey;   Sojourner;   Solar sail;   Solutionism;   Solutions journalism;   Somniloquent;   Sonic cruiser;   Sonofusion;   Sooth;   Sophisticated;   Sophrosyne;   Soup and fish;   Souped-up;   Sous-Sherpa;   Southpaw;   Sow one’s wild oats;   Spade;   Spamdexing;   Spanghew;   Spanish practices;   Spatchcock;   Spatterdashes;   Speaking out of school;   Spelling bee;   Spelunking;   Spendthrift;   Spermodynamics;   Sphairistike;   Sphexish;   Sphragistics;   Spick and span;   Spiff;   Spifflicate;   Spill the beans;   Spin a yarn;   Spinster;   Spintronics;   Spissitude;   Spitting feathers;   Spitting image;   Spiv;   Spoil;   Spoken Web;   Spondulicks;   Sponging-house;   Spoonerism;   Sport one’s oak;   Spot of tea;   Sputnik;   Squabash;   Squalamine;   Square;   Square meal;   Squared away;   Squaw;   Squilgee;   Staddle;   Stag-deflation;   Stammel;   Standing pie;   Stannator;   Staple;   Stars and garters;   Start from scratch;   State of the art;   Stationary versus stationery;   Staycation;   Steal one’s thunder;   Steam radio;   Steganography;   Stemwinder;   Step-;   Stepney;   Sternutatory;   Stick one’s oar in;   Stick-in-the-mud;   Sticky wicket;   Stiff upper lip;   Stillicide;   Stitched up like a kipper;   Stone the crows;   Stonking;   Stool pigeon;   Stoozing;   Stotting;   Strait and narrow;   Stramonium;   Strickle;   Strop;   Struthonian;   Stultiloquy;   Stylite;   Subfusc;   Sublime;   Subnivean;   Subprime;   Suburb;   Succedaneum;   Sudoku;   Suffonsified;   Sugar and sure;   Sugar daddy;   Sulphur;   Sundae;   Sunday throat;   Supererogation;   Supernaculum;   Surrebutter;   Swag;   Swain;   Swamper;   Swan song;   Swan-upping;   Swanning around;   Swashbuckling;   Swazzle;   Swearing on one’s testicles;   Swiz;   Swoose;   Sycophant;   Symploce;   Synaesthete;   Synecdoche and metonymy;   Synthespian;   Synthetic biology;   Syzygy;  

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