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Dental Spa

Can you imagine that visiting the dentist might one day be regarded as a treat, a pleasant session in which you’re pampered by personal attention before a little relaxing root canal work? A few American dental surgeons think this is the future of their speciality, and have invented the dental spa. As well as dental treatment, a range of other treatments, such as massages, manicures and facials are available, all against a backdrop of relaxing mood music and images. There’s a serious medical purpose behind this, beyond the need to get more people through the door and more income for the practice: there’s good reason to think that a relaxed patient is one who suffers less and whose treatment is more effective.

Welcome to the Dental Spa, California’s latest pampering establishment, where the pain of root canal and fillings is sublimated totally to the pleasure principle.

Toronto Star, Nov. 2002

The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Georgia is one of the first of these new dental spas. It hired a team of designers to create “an ambience reminiscent of a fine upscale resort” where visits start with free tea, coffee, juices and freshly baked cookies in a luxurious, scented lounge.

Guardian, Jan 2003

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