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These pieces arise as a result of my occasionally spotting a word in a newspaper or online that suggests itself as a topical subject of discussion.

Addiction; Ambient; Apology; Arsenal; Ban; Banana; Bedbug; Billy-o; Black Hole; Bloody; Blue moon; Bluestocking; Boffin; Bogus; Boss; Bottle; Boughten; Bowser; Braggadocious; Brainstorming; Brand; Bribery; Budget; Buff; Bustard; Butler; Cahoot; Camera; Campaign; Carnage; Carnal; Chad; Chav; Chemical; Clone; Confide; Contextomy; Cooked; Co-respondent; Corpus; Coup; Credible; Cricket; Cronyism; Crumpet; Cull; Culture; Curriculum; Dangerous; Decimate; Deprecate; Diplomacy; Doh!; Domesday; Enormity; Enthusiast; Ethnic; Experience; Facile; Family; Fan; Farrago; Faze; Frisbee; Good egg; Gravitas; Gunsel; Handbag; Hole in the wall; Hooligan; Horlicks; Hundred days; Hung parliament; Hyphen; Impeach; Infandous; Influenza; Insult; Internet; Jafaikan; Jejune; Jubilee; Larval therapy; Lasagne; Lewd; List; Mail; Making love; McJob; Medium; Meme; Meritocracy; Migrate; Millennium; Mistress; Moment; Moonshine; Morganatic; Murder; Murphy’s Law; Nano; Napping; New; Nurdle; Optics; Organic; Pagan; Pander; Panel; Panic; Pants; Paparazzo; Passenger; Phenomenon; Pie; Plan B; Planet; Portfolio; Positronic; Prevent; Problemsome; Profician; Quadricycle; Quantum; Real; Refugee; Replica; Reverse ferret; Rocket; Rookery; Satisfactory; Schooner; Seaborgium; Sentimental; Shag; Shanty; Shellacking; Silicon; Sojourner; Solutionism; Sophisticated; Spade; Spanish practices; Spinster; Sputnik; Staple; Sublime; Suburb; Sulphur; Tabloid; Tacky; Target; Tax; Terraforming; The E- prefix; The ending -nomics; Tiddlywinks; Tsar; Tsunami; Unclarity; Union; Vegelate; Vote; Vulcan; Weird; Welfare; Whiff-waff; Wildfire; Work; Wormwood; Yogurt; Zip.

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World Wide Words is copyright © Michael Quinion, 1996–2014. All rights reserved.
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