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The newsletter appears every Saturday. It is free.

Each issue includes an eclectic mixture of pieces that may focus on words in the news, new words, weird words, book reviews and answers to readers' questions as well as discussions and updates on previous issues. Subscribers read pieces a week before they are added to the website.

You can receive issues in three ways:

Mailing list

(To change the e-mail address at which you are subscribed, leave the list and rejoin using your new address.)


We have three channels available. One (Newsletter) sends out the complete text of the weekly newsletter each Saturday; a second (Site updates) tells you about new pages that have appeared on the Web site on the same day together with those that have been updated; Mondays to Fridays the third (Word File) sends you a random link to a page on the site. The URLs for the feeds are:

All the RSS channels are also available on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


The World Wide Words newsletter mailing list is operated and managed on a LISTSERV® list server which the editors of the LINGUIST list at Eastern Michigan University / Wayne State University have very kindly made available.

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World Wide Words is copyright © Michael Quinion, 1996–2014. All rights reserved.
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