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The site is an archive and virtually all pieces are here permanently. I do occasionally have a clear-out and delete pages, though these are almost always reviews of books that have gone out of print.

However, I have recently redesigned the site to make it more accessible to mobile users and also less time-consuming for me to maintain. As part of this, the section menus and the ability to page through items within a section have been taken out. The menu structure has been redesigned. Some less important information pages have also been deleted.

If, outside these changes, the link you followed was from another page on this site, I do apologise and ask that you take a moment to tell me about it so that I can correct the fault. If the link was on a page on another site, I’d like to be given details of the referring page so that I can try to sort the matter out.

To find what you’re looking for, try exploring the complete index, or using the search function on every page.

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