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Every piece on this site is copyright by me, Michael Quinion.

You must ask me before you reproduce any piece on this site on another website or in a blog. Before you ask, I should say that I’m not usually agreeable to having a piece reproduced in its entirety elsewhere online — it means that I lose control of it, in particular the ability to correct or update it.

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You also need to ask permission, of course, if you wish to reproduce a piece in a newspaper, magazine, book, or other print publication. In such cases I usually request a fee.

You do not need to ask permission if you are a teacher who wants to use pieces for educational purposes. However, it would be good to hear about your proposed use.

You’re more than welcome, of course, to refer to pieces, comment on them or criticise them, so long as you don’t quote more than a small part of them. You may also copy and store copies of pieces for your private use or for schoolwork or for research purposes. All this is permitted under the usual copyright fair use provisions.

If you do refer to a piece, it’s a courtesy to your readers and to me to say who wrote it and where you got it from. Please include a link either to the original piece or to this site’s home page.

You don’t need to ask me first if you propose to provide only a link on your own site to this one or to a piece contained in it (their locations are permanent and you may safely quote the URI of an individual item). I’ll be delighted if you do. Tell your friends as well!

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World Wide Words is copyright © Michael Quinion, 1996–2014. All rights reserved. See the copyright page for notes about linking to and reusing this page. For help in viewing the site, see the technical FAQ. Your comments, corrections and suggestions are always welcome.

World Wide Words is copyright © Michael Quinion, 1996–2014. All rights reserved.
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