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This is a collection of longer pieces, not much added to these days, on some development or aspect of the language that has taken my fancy.

A rose by any other name; A Word for All; A Zillion Troubles; Acronyms for Your Enjoyment; Action at a distance; Activate the balls!; Alas Poor Nell; Aluminium versus aluminum; Balderdash and flummery; Beam me up, Scotty!; Between the Lines; Bissextile, Intercalary, Embolistic; Brown Windsor soup; Busman’s holiday; Chosen Words; Cider Insight; Citing Online Sources; Closet versus Cupboard; Collins English Dictionary; Colour Me Environmental; Comprise redux; Cyberplague; Decadal Dismay; Drink it, it’ll do you good; Earl Grey tea; Easy Pickings; Eating Crow; Ee; Elementary, my dear IUPAC; Engine and Motor; English is difficult; Fears and dreads; Fibres from the Earth; Former wines are passed away; Fudge; Gender-neutral pronouns; Get ahead, get a hat; Ghoulies and Ghosties; Glass slipper; Gordon Bennett; Gutta-percha, Ketchup, Sago; Ham; How bona to vada your eek!; How Many Words?; How to Promote your Dictionary; How Words Enter the Language; I before E except after C; I Spy Gry!; Impactful Ignorals; Inkhorn terms; Is This a Word?; Love these crazy titles!; Meeting room jargon; Mind the greens!; Mind Your Ps and Qs; Misplaced Modifiers; Money matters; My fellow Merkins; New Words in the News; Newspapergate; No Trees in the Forest?; Notta Lotta Nottle; Of messes in pots; Of thimbleriggers and joculators; Only joking?; People Versus Persons; Plain English Campaign Awards 2002; Plain English Campaign Awards 2003; Possessive Apostrophes; Precision of Lexicographers; Pro bono publico; Programming, Hungarian style; Putting the kibosh on it; Revolutionary Colours; Robodroid; Rules, Britannia; Sapristi Nadgers!; Shades of Meaning; Signs for Sums; Sipe; Talking Turkey; Test This Question; Thatcher's Linguistic Legacy; The Colour of Words; The Full Monty; The Great Element Chase; The Lure of the Red Herring; The Mighty Burger; The Miller’s Tale; The Whole Nine Yards; The Words of Dickens; Through the Blender; Town of Trades; Travellers to Antique Lands; Unpaired words; Ways of Eating; Where it’s at; Which versus that; Words of 1997; Words of 1998; Words of 2001; Words of 2002; Words of 2003; Words of 2011; Words of the Year 2007; Words of the Year 2012; Your carriage awaits, Mr Holmes.

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